Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Bump In the Road

Good morning, I thought that it was time I told you all about whats been going on. Not Many of you know I have Epilepsy I was diognosed as a 18 month old toddler and have lived with it ever since. I had been seizure free for almost 6 years until i had my Son and pregnancy hormones set it off and had regular seizures until he was born. The same happened with my daugher. annd since she was born i had litrilly NO problems, well until this week. I have a cold and had been up all night with my daughter and not been eating properly becuase i was sick. And as i was dropping my eldest off at kindy, had a seizure. not a bad one. but enough for me to need to be picked up. I was extremly lucky, this could hav happened on the walk there or the walk back and it would have been alot worse. I was litrilly getting my license back in under 3 months. so I am now a tad devestated and resting and recouporatin. I really apreciate the help my family has been giving me durring this time. and I would love it if my customers could please bear with me as I get my head around these things. Im going back on medication and back to the specilist . I apologise in advance for letting anybody down. love Em