Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Crafty Day

Today is a crafty day! iI have a lovely storage project im working on . and a few other projects that Im perfecting ( i dont like to release things until there perfect)! tomorrow i will annouce the Winner for the Paperbag album!. so please enjoy
I hope everybody else is having a great day! i can wait till i have more to share

The Funkiest Essentials Team

Friday, July 16, 2010

A Give Away

I Cant do Giveaways on the face book page. But everybody who has purchased an item at my sale has gone into the draw to win this album . I was going to do a giveaway at 300 Likers but I will find Something even more special for that one.

Thank you everybody for your support last night and today, the sale will keep going till everything is gone, as i need the room for new things that are comming up. the next few weeks I am Hoping to launch our new website filled with goodies
Freinds of the funkiest essentials!
if you would like to be a part of our affialts section. and have your links on my blog with a clickable logo please contact me for more information

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tonights the Big Night

For our big face book Sale Pop on over for some fun! and some great purchases. !

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

By The Way,

Do you like my new Blog Header? Thank you to Amanda Powell From Minkabell designs for this! its just amazing I cant wait to share the rest of it with you

A Long Time Between Posts!

I know I have been really bad on the Blog front. I have had so much on my plate, ERecently we have Moved Had a sick bubba and Toddler but now we are all on track!. From now on Fridays is blog day lol.

So Whats new with the Funkiest Essentials! Well, on friday Night at 8:30 pm we are having our first Facebook Sale! so come and join in on the fun!.
We are also building a new website Stay tuned for that one. and we have a new section that will be dedicated to whams. bascily. I will have some crafting items up for sale and if you are a wahm you will receive %10 off your first order and %8 on every order after that. If you are interested . please contact me . to receive discount orders must be over $25.

so far I will be stocking Kaiser Craft. and there will be more soon. If you arnt a wahm you are still able to order from me , just at the normal rrp.

So please stay tuned for more. new releases! new creations. and anything else i can think of. Im working on a great little storage drawer set at the moment!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mothers day

I wish all the mothers out there a happy mothers day I hope your day is filled with happiness!

Sorry ! no new stuff today I have had a little girl who has had a sever allergic reaction last weekend so is still really unsettled and clingy. But i have got a few ideas up my sleve so if you bear with me I will Explain below .

Card a Month.
Im playing with the idea of doing a sort of card a month Club. where I would creat a special occasion card for each month with a matching gift tag and it would only be available to those members. If there is Enough interest I will start doing the Nitty Gritty Details so register your interest to

Scrapbooking Supplies Co-Op
I have an account with kaiser and am currently looking at other scrapbooking craft websites for more suppliers. at the moment to order from alot of suppliers to get a wholesale rate you need a minimum order of $100 sometimes $500 so im thinking if i get enough Crafty Wahms that we could work out a co cop there would be strict guidelines and i would need 10 or more peeople that will order at least $100 in supplies to make it work. so register your interst by emailing me at

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Custom Spots

I just would like to do a little post about custom spots, Currently im working on a album For Rebbecca lennon of Fun Fotoes. but I also do have places for invitations custom cards address books and much more! so if you would like some more information on pricing please email me at

Busy busy!

Have been Busy crafting. im currently uploading some great new things to please pop on over and have a look! prices start at $1.50 for a large gift tag!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Look Blog

Welcome to the new look Blog Im playing with some great new ideas including having an ecommerce feature on here so bear with me so I can get this working