Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mothers day

I wish all the mothers out there a happy mothers day I hope your day is filled with happiness!

Sorry ! no new stuff today I have had a little girl who has had a sever allergic reaction last weekend so is still really unsettled and clingy. But i have got a few ideas up my sleve so if you bear with me I will Explain below .

Card a Month.
Im playing with the idea of doing a sort of card a month Club. where I would creat a special occasion card for each month with a matching gift tag and it would only be available to those members. If there is Enough interest I will start doing the Nitty Gritty Details so register your interest to

Scrapbooking Supplies Co-Op
I have an account with kaiser and am currently looking at other scrapbooking craft websites for more suppliers. at the moment to order from alot of suppliers to get a wholesale rate you need a minimum order of $100 sometimes $500 so im thinking if i get enough Crafty Wahms that we could work out a co cop there would be strict guidelines and i would need 10 or more peeople that will order at least $100 in supplies to make it work. so register your interst by emailing me at